Trying out Win 8.1

Over the holidays I decided to try out Windows 8. The dreaded new operating system. You would think it wouldn't be a big deal to a self-professed Geek and someone who makes a living at computer programming. But this is a big deal. No longer can I get my work done, the tools are in the way. If someone came into your car and swapped the steering wheel, changed the location of the turn signals, and changed how all the controls work, you would be frustrated and lost. This is the way I feel when I have to stop and learn a new version of the operating system.

Services Provided

We provide hosting and construction of small websites for non-profits, artisans, and small crafts businesses. Our hosting includes a small amount of maintenance monthly.

This website is still under construction and is not representative of current work on other clients. I rather spend time on my clients sites than my own. :-)